Fed Policy: Unsafe At Any Speed?

The Fed took the bait. On October 30, political activist Ralph Nader penned an open letter from “the Savers of America” to Chair Janet Yellen at the U.S. Federal Reserve to share his dissenting views on monetary policy. And on November 23, Ms. Yellen submitted her open letter response to Mr. Nader. A notable exchange to say the least that warrants a closer review, particularly the response from Chair Yellen.

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Oil: The Wildfire Spreads

The fires continue to burn in the oil sector. The operational environment in the energy space has become increasingly challenged since the summer of 2014 when oil prices began their descent from over $100 a barrel to just over $40 today. Many of the more leveraged oil companies have been staking their survival on the hopes that oil prices would recover sooner rather than later. The longer that oil prices persist near cycle lows, the more likely it is that a wave of defaults from the sector will eventually follow. But what is perhaps more notable is the following: what was once a problem that was largely confined to the commodities space is now spreading to other sectors of the market.

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Asset Class Weekly: Emerging Market Debt

When people think of investing, their minds typically turn to the stock market. This perspective is certainly understandable, as the financial media concentrates nearly all of its time discussing the many stocks of companies that people like to own. And when accessing their employee retirement programs, the menu of fund offerings is typically made up of stock mutual funds of all styles, sizes and geographies along with token bond and money market offerings thrown in to round out the lineup. But capital markets have so much more to offer to investors than just stocks. And these various other asset classes can provide investors with attractive returns opportunities as well as the ability to better control risk through more meaningful portfolio diversification.

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Stocks: November Rain

Stocks have suddenly gone cold. After a rousing October that saw the S&P 500 Index bounce from its late September lows by more than +12% through the start of the month, stocks have since gone on a slide in November with declines in seven out of the last eight trading days through Friday. This has brought the market back to a key inflection point, and how stocks perform to start the new trading week may go a long way in determining whether the traditional year-end rally is simply just taking a breather or if it is being left out in the rain.

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Tragedy In Paris: The People And Markets Will Overcome

The global community was stunned on Friday on the news of a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in the city of Paris that left more than 100 dead and dozens injured. Our deepest sympathies go out to the victims of these tragic events. But as the world begins to process over the weekend what took place in Paris on Friday, focus may eventually turn to the following question. What impact, if any, will this latest global terrorist event have on global markets?

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