Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

Lumber prices have been falling dramatically since the start of the year. This marks an acceleration of a weakening trend in lumber that has been playing out for more than two years now. Not only has this raised questions about potential cracks in the sustainability of economic growth going forward, but it also has meaningful direct implications for the timber industry. As the lumber price decline continues, it is reasonable to consider whether now is the time to cut wood on current timber allocations?

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About That Bond Market Collapse

The financial media has been filled in recent weeks with talk about the extensive pain being endured by bond market investors. Some experts have even gone so far as to question whether the recent spike in yields is ushering in the long-awaited start of the new bear market in bonds. Given all of this recent talk, one would understandably think that the pain being felt by bond investors must be dramatic and uncomfortable. But upon closer inspection, it turns out that the damage in the bond market, at least to this point, is fairly limited. In fact, many segments of the bond market are actually still doing quite well.

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Why Cash Is King

The investment world is a place where sensible thinking can sometimes get completely turned upside down. This is absolutely true when it comes to holding cash. For the conventional wisdom among most investors is that you must be fully invested at all times. But in reality, this stubborn thinking defies rationale in many ways. Cash is king for a reason, and this holds true when it comes to investing in capital markets.

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Bond Rout: Time To Run Or Time To Buy?

The global bond market has been taking it on the chin lately. After reaching historic lows in many parts of the globe only a few weeks ago, bond yields have suddenly exploded higher. This sharp and sudden move has raised questions as to whether we are finally arriving at the point where the long anticipated global bond market correction is finally about to get underway. But while the moves have been big in recent weeks and investors are right to be paying close attention, another question that investors may also be well served to consider is whether it may soon be a good time to buy following the recent pullback.

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The Excitement Of Playing It Safe

The stock market is currently operating in rarely traveled territory. We recently entered the seventh year of what has been the third longest bull market in history. And given that we are doing so in what has continued to be a generally lackluster economic recovery with corporate earnings growth now slowing and the Federal Reserve threatening to raise rates, many investors are understandably concerned as to whether the good times for the market will soon come to an end. Of course, one could have easily made this same argument over the last several years only to be frustrated by the stock market’s persistent rise in spite of it all. This has left some investors feeling conflicted. For while they would like to continue to participate if indeed we see today’s bull market rise to become the second longest in history by this time next year, they also do not wish to get caught in the maelstrom of the next bear market that could arrive at any time. What is such an investor to do? Fortunately, the market has a select group of companies that have shown the ability to perform well during the good times while also weathering the storm during the bad times. In short, investors can realize a great deal of excitement over the long term by playing it safe.

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