Stocks: Clear Sailing Into 2015

The bull remains unstoppable. After enduring what was the first measurable decline in nearly two years in September and early October, stocks have recovered impressively to the upside. In the weeks since the mid-October bottom, stocks have successfully navigated some potentially choppy waters en route to setting fresh new all-time highs. And despite the already extraordinary rally to date, stocks may now be entering into a new phase of clear sailing through the rest of 2014 and into the start of the New Year.

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Playing Defense All Around The World

Many investors today are feeling conflicted. In one respect, they see a U.S. stock market that appears completely unyielding in its persistence to the upside despite the fact that we will soon be entering the sixth year of what is currently the third longest bull market in history. As a result, they want to participate in any further upside stocks have to offer. On the other hand, they see a stock market that will soon be entering the sixth year of a bull market on what has been more than dubious fundamentals all along and that has just now lost the monetary policy fuel from QE related asset purchases that helped propel it higher for so many years. Consequently, they are reluctant to participate any further amid the fear that they might be committing fresh capital to the market just as the graying bull market is finally coming to an end. What is the conflicted investor to do? One possibility is to consider playing defense all around the world.

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Impossible Germany

The economic and market outlook appears impossible for Germany over the next few years. The world’s fourth-largest, heavily export dependent economy is facing the fundamental problem of struggling to thrive within the currency union it went to such lengths to help form over the last several decades. Future growth prospects are increasingly fading, and this bodes ill for the future performance of the German equity market.

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2 Countries For Old Bulls

The bulls are off and running once again in the U.S. After a short but sharp pause in September and early October, all is well with stocks and investors are once again brimming with confidence about the boundless upward trajectory for stocks into 2015. But what about stocks across the rest of the world? While the bulls are stampeding in the U.S., the bears are out of hibernation and on the hunt across most other parts of the globe.

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Oh No Canada

I have long favored owning Canadian stocks when attractive opportunities present themselves. The country is well positioned in several industries that are key to long-term global economic growth. And they also boast a banking oligopoly in the country that in many respects is managed more responsibly and prudently in comparison to their global peers. Given these favorable attributes, it is reasonable to consider whether an investment in Canadian stocks is a worthwhile strategy at the present time or if it is better to wait for better opportunities in the future.

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