Online Investing Conference: Everything You Want To Know – Registration Discount Ends Soon

I am proud to be included among eight top investors that are sharing their highest conviction investments for 2016 at the Online Investing Conference.  The response so far for the conference has been great and I appreciate some of the questions that I have received along the way.

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What’s In Your Preferred Stock ETF?

Perhaps you own preferred stocks for income. And instead of sifting through the various individual preferred stock offerings in the marketplace today, you decided instead to make things neat and easy by purchasing a preferred stock ETF. So far, your preferred stock position has held up quite well despite what has been a difficult stock market environment. That is, of course, until Tuesday, when these ETFs suddenly broke to the downside. What’s in these preferred stock ETFs that would have resulted in the sudden downside move on Tuesday? And is this likely to continue?

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Unleash The Canaries

The narrative since the start of the New Year has been how the decline in oil prices has weighed on the stock market. And through the first two and half weeks of the year, this appeared to make good sense. But in the last couple of weeks, a new force appears to be at work that is driving stock prices lower. It is the European banks, and the magnitude of recent price declines is something certainly worth monitoring in the days and weeks ahead.

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Defense Wins Championships

The principle was on display once again on Sunday night. The Denver Broncos boasted the best defense in the NFL this past year and statistically one of the best defenses over the past several decades. And despite the fact that they ran up against the flashy and high powered Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, the Broncos soundly drubbed their competition to come away with the Lombardi trophy. Defense wins championships in the NFL, and the same principles hold true when managing your investment portfolio over time.

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How Long Will The Next Bear Market Last

While it may not feel this way, it has been nearly nine months now since the U.S. stock market has set a new all-time high. Since the last intraday peak on the S&P 500 Index at 2134.72, stocks are down by more than -12% through Friday’s trading. And the further stocks travel in time from this past peak, the more unlikely it seems that they will break out to new highs. Thus, the next bear market that so many have mentioned looming on the horizon may already be well underway. While much of the focus on the next bear market is the magnitude of the declines it may bring, it is also worthwhile to consider its potential duration.

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