Stocks Are So Overrated

Stocks are so overrated. Don’t get me wrong – I love the stock market. The opportunity to conduct fundamental analysis on publicly traded corporations to identify potential ownership in high-quality businesses trading at attractive valuations is the reason why I decided to pursue a career in the investment industry so many years ago. But when listening to people in the media and elsewhere talk about capital markets, stocks are so revered above all else that one could easily include that no other choices exist out there to invest your money. But while they have their place and I typically have a fairly meaningful allocation to them myself, they are far from the only game in town when it comes to investing your money.

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Just Be Careful Out There

I have often said that some of the best information on Seeking Alpha is found in the comment section that follows the articles. Over my years of writing on Seeking Alpha, I have greatly appreciated this growing community filled with readers that have an impressive intellect and strong investment acumen that are willing to share their thoughts and perspectives. And the discussions that regularly take place in the comment section that are inspired by an article are almost always very enlightening and worthwhile reading for a variety of reasons. With all of this in mind, a topic was raised in the comment section on my recent article entitled ‘Why Cash Is King‘ that I felt warranted further discussion in its own article. Put simply, we are currently in the seventh year of the third longest bull market in history. While this has understandably bred a great deal of confidence among certain stock investors, eventually the bull market will end and a new bear market will begin. Enjoy the ride while it lasts, but also remember to be careful out there.

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Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires

Lumber prices have been falling dramatically since the start of the year. This marks an acceleration of a weakening trend in lumber that has been playing out for more than two years now. Not only has this raised questions about potential cracks in the sustainability of economic growth going forward, but it also has meaningful direct implications for the timber industry. As the lumber price decline continues, it is reasonable to consider whether now is the time to cut wood on current timber allocations?

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About That Bond Market Collapse

The financial media has been filled in recent weeks with talk about the extensive pain being endured by bond market investors. Some experts have even gone so far as to question whether the recent spike in yields is ushering in the long-awaited start of the new bear market in bonds. Given all of this recent talk, one would understandably think that the pain being felt by bond investors must be dramatic and uncomfortable. But upon closer inspection, it turns out that the damage in the bond market, at least to this point, is fairly limited. In fact, many segments of the bond market are actually still doing quite well.

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Why Cash Is King

The investment world is a place where sensible thinking can sometimes get completely turned upside down. This is absolutely true when it comes to holding cash. For the conventional wisdom among most investors is that you must be fully invested at all times. But in reality, this stubborn thinking defies rationale in many ways. Cash is king for a reason, and this holds true when it comes to investing in capital markets.

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