Defense Wins Championships

The principle was on display once again on Sunday night. The Denver Broncos boasted the best defense in the NFL this past year and statistically one of the best defenses over the past several decades. And despite the fact that they ran up against the flashy and high powered Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, the Broncos soundly drubbed their competition to come away with the Lombardi trophy. Defense wins championships in the NFL, and the same principles hold true when managing your investment portfolio over time.

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How Long Will The Next Bear Market Last

While it may not feel this way, it has been nearly nine months now since the U.S. stock market has set a new all-time high. Since the last intraday peak on the S&P 500 Index at 2134.72, stocks are down by more than -12% through Friday’s trading. And the further stocks travel in time from this past peak, the more unlikely it seems that they will break out to new highs. Thus, the next bear market that so many have mentioned looming on the horizon may already be well underway. While much of the focus on the next bear market is the magnitude of the declines it may bring, it is also worthwhile to consider its potential duration.

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Online Investing Conference: Highest Conviction Investments For 2016

If you’re a professional or self-directed investor, regardless of sector or style, I want to let you know about a unique online event coming up that I am excited to be included as a speaker.  Eight successful investors will share how they approach investing as an overall philosophy and what their highest conviction investments are in 2016 including the research to back it up.  The event includes names like Brad Thomas, Andy Hecht, Chuck Carnevale, Kirk Du Plessis, Bret Jensen, Kirk Spano, and David Stein. and that’s not including multiple bonus sessions such as Joshua Sheats, Brandon Turner, and Shailesh Kumar.

The event is called the Online Investing Conference.

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Asset Class Weekly: I’m TLT, I’m Dynamite

When it comes to investing, so much attention gets heaped on the stock market. But another asset allocation opportunity from an entirely different asset class has been winning the total returns fight for many years. And it provides an ideal destination for investors as we potentially shift into the next bear market phase for stocks. It’s long-term U.S. Treasuries, and it continues to be a dynamite investment opportunity.

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Surrounded By Bears

The U.S. stock market has been showing signs of resilience in recent weeks. After bottoming at 1812 on the S&P 500 Index on January 20, stocks have rallied by as much as +7% into early February and remain well off their recent lows through Thursday’s close. And still hovering at just -10% below its all-time highs from last May, it seems that the S&P 500 Index still has the potential to find its footing and eventually fight its way back to new highs. Unfortunately, for the S&P 500 Index, it is finding itself increasingly surrounded by bears that may eventually take it down once and for all.

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