The Way Of The Bull And The Bear

I have been struck in recent weeks by the seemingly inverse relationship between capital markets and the mood of those investors that are participating in them. For while markets including stocks have entered into a period of almost eerie placidity, the tension among investors across the philosophical spectrum appears to be rising. But whether you are following the way of the bull, the bear, or somewhere in between, it is important to remember that we are all on the same path in the end. We all wish to grow the value of our capital over time while protecting against the risk of loss. And while not all of us can dictate the direction of the market on any given day, week, month or year, we can embrace the fact that certain principles will always be true about the markets in which we participate. If one can maintain the openness to listen with patience, maintain a rich texture in our thought processes and avoid becoming overly reactive with our conclusions, we provide ourselves with the best opportunity for success and happiness in the end.

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This Is When The Bear Growls

Some investors are understandably nervous. Following a more than five-year bull market in stocks that is already built on the shaky foundations of a sluggish economy and corporate revenue growth, some investors are bracing for the potential of a meaningful correction. They feel like it could come at any time, particularly with the Fed continuing to scale back on QE related asset purchases, coupled with the fact that valuations are also a bit rich and the stock market has not experienced even a mild correction in excess of -10% for a historically long three years and counting. But when exactly might such a swift correction, even if it were of the mild and fleeting variety, finally take place. History provides some notable clues.

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Welcome To The Machine

If you are someone that enjoys the artistry of investing, now may not be your favorite time to participate in capital markets. For the artistry of the investment decision making process has been squelched and distorted over the last several years by the moneymaking machines of computerized algorithms and seemingly endless liquidity flows from global central banks. But whether we like it or not, we do not get to invest in the markets that we want to have; we only get to participate in the markets that are given to us. And the reality remains that investment markets continue to provide an important vehicle to generate a higher rate of return on long-term savings, which is needed by many now more than ever with the interest earned from bank CDs and savings accounts locked at virtually nil. Investors can remain dedicated to their artistry in today’s environment, but just as long as they recognize how it fits in the context of the forces that are driving capital markets.

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4 Dark Horse Stocks For The Next Bear Market

Many investors today remain understandably skeptical of the market rally. They look around and see a global economy that continues to struggle to gain traction more than five years after the worst of the financial crisis. They also see corporate fundamentals that give little cause for excitement and stock prices that are trading at less than attractive valuations. Yet despite these notable challenges, stocks remain persistent in pushing to the upside. As a result, investors may be on the look out for stocks that they can not only own to participate in any further market upside but also protect against downside when the next bear market finally arrives. While many investors are likely familiar with the well-known large cap names that fit the bill, the market also offers a select group of dark horse stocks that may also merit consideration.

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War Will Not Deter This Market

News headlines have recently been filled with reports of mounting geopolitical conflict across many parts of the world. Hot spots have included the Ukraine and Russia, Iraq, China and Vietnam, Venezuela, Pakistan and Eastern Africa among many others. And some of these conflicts have economic implications including the potential disruption of global oil and energy supplies. Given all of the uncertainty associated these burgeoning conflicts, many are left wondering whether these developments will finally derail the relentless U.S. stock market advance. Using history as a guide, stocks are unlikely to be deterred from advancing by these growing risks.

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