4 Dark Horse Stocks For The Next Bear Market

Many investors today remain understandably skeptical of the market rally. They look around and see a global economy that continues to struggle to gain traction more than five years after the worst of the financial crisis. They also see corporate fundamentals that give little cause for excitement and stock prices that are trading at less than attractive valuations. Yet despite these notable challenges, stocks remain persistent in pushing to the upside. As a result, investors may be on the look out for stocks that they can not only own to participate in any further market upside but also protect against downside when the next bear market finally arrives. While many investors are likely familiar with the well-known large cap names that fit the bill, the market also offers a select group of dark horse stocks that may also merit consideration.

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War Will Not Deter This Market

News headlines have recently been filled with reports of mounting geopolitical conflict across many parts of the world. Hot spots have included the Ukraine and Russia, Iraq, China and Vietnam, Venezuela, Pakistan and Eastern Africa among many others. And some of these conflicts have economic implications including the potential disruption of global oil and energy supplies. Given all of the uncertainty associated these burgeoning conflicts, many are left wondering whether these developments will finally derail the relentless U.S. stock market advance. Using history as a guide, stocks are unlikely to be deterred from advancing by these growing risks.

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Market Lessons From Iraq, Bergdahl And Cantor

The news headlines over the last few weeks have been filled with several notable headlines. Leading among these is the outbreak of sectarian fighting in Iraq, the recent release of U.S. Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl and the stunning primary upset of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Underlying each of these newsworthy events are important central lessons that can be applied to investment markets today.

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In Search Of… Stocks With Attractive Absolute Value

They once could be found plentifully throughout the U.S. stock market. But in the aftermath of the financial crisis, they are increasingly vanishing from the investment landscape. They are high quality stocks that offer truly attractive absolute value. And as the market continues to soar to new heights despite lackluster revenue and earnings growth in recent years, the species of stock is threatening to become extinct.

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The Danger Of Buying The Next Dip

It is a common refrain heard from many cocksure investors today. Sure, the market is a bit expensive and overdue for a correction, but I’ll simply wait for the inevitable -10% pullback, buy the dip and ride the market to new heights. But does such a strategy make sense at this stage of the graying bull market? A check on market history over the last century provides some useful clues.

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