Chez Bear: Your Appetizers Are Now Being Served

The bull market in U.S. stocks continues to rage on. Despite not having set a new all-time high since May, the uptrend in the benchmark S&P 500 Index remains intact and is currently just over 1% below its peak. On the surface, it seems that all is still well. But one does not need to dig far into the details to find a market that is increasingly splitting apart. For many of the individual stocks that make up the S&P 500 Index have already entered into their own bear markets. And for those investors that may wish to peruse through those offerings whose prices have fallen meaningfully from previous peak levels, your appetizers are now being served.

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A Bear Market Does Not A Crisis Make

It has been an understandable side effect resulting from the financial crisis. Bear markets have taken place on a regular basis throughout history. But given the near death experience of capital markets back in 2008, a sense of fear has gripped many investors in the years since. Now, the mere mention of a bear market has for many become synonymous with the idea of a full blown crisis and calls for the end of the world as far as financial markets are concerned. But a bear market does not a crisis make. And the sooner that investors can get back to embracing the bear, the better it will be for capital markets in the long run. For while bear markets just like recessions are not pleasant to endure, they bring not only a healthy balance, but also attractive growth opportunities.

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The Bear Is Alive!

The bear market in stocks is alive and well. For just because it went away in the United States does not mean the bear went completely into hibernation. In fact, it is currently still actively on the prowl and has been mauling investors in many parts of the world for some time now. It one respect, it raises the potential for opportunity at some point. But it also raises the question of when the bear will finally find its way back to U.S. shores.

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Stocks: Not The Final Frontier

Initially, it appeared that an innovative new asset class was making its mark on the investment landscape. Frontier markets take an additional step beyond emerging markets by focusing on those countries that are typically at the earliest stages of economic, political and financial development. And for a period of time over the last few years, it appeared that this burgeoning global asset class was showing the potential to provide meaningfully differentiated performance to further enhance portfolio diversification and returns potential. But over the past year, it has been revealed that investors may be better served by staying off the frontier at least for the time being.

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High Yield Bonds: Mounting Threats

The high yield bond market is coming under increasing threat on a variety of fronts. But despite these mounting pressures, the high yield bond market at least thus far has shown resilience. How much longer this can last remains to be seen, however. A sustained correction in the high yield bond market may also provide an important signal about what may follow in the broader U.S. stock market.

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