Online Investing Conference: Highest Conviction Investments For 2016

If you’re a professional or self-directed investor, regardless of sector or style, I want to let you know about a unique online event coming up that I am excited to be included as a speaker.  Eight successful investors will share how they approach investing as an overall philosophy and what their highest conviction investments are in 2016 including the research to back it up.  The event includes names like Brad Thomas, Andy Hecht, Chuck Carnevale, Kirk Du Plessis, Bret Jensen, Kirk Spano, and David Stein. and that’s not including multiple bonus sessions such as Joshua Sheats, Brandon Turner, and Shailesh Kumar.

The event is called the Online Investing Conference.

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Asset Class Weekly: I’m TLT, I’m Dynamite

When it comes to investing, so much attention gets heaped on the stock market. But another asset allocation opportunity from an entirely different asset class has been winning the total returns fight for many years. And it provides an ideal destination for investors as we potentially shift into the next bear market phase for stocks. It’s long-term U.S. Treasuries, and it continues to be a dynamite investment opportunity.

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Surrounded By Bears

The U.S. stock market has been showing signs of resilience in recent weeks. After bottoming at 1812 on the S&P 500 Index on January 20, stocks have rallied by as much as +7% into early February and remain well off their recent lows through Thursday’s close. And still hovering at just -10% below its all-time highs from last May, it seems that the S&P 500 Index still has the potential to find its footing and eventually fight its way back to new highs. Unfortunately, for the S&P 500 Index, it is finding itself increasingly surrounded by bears that may eventually take it down once and for all.

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Gold: No Silver Lining

Gold is continuing its impressive 2016 rally into early February. But the recent surge may be coming to the end of the line, at least for the short term. Gold has not only reached overbought levels, but it is also missing an important silver lining of support behind its advance.

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How To Fight The Fed

It is an understandable concern for many investors wary from years of relentless monetary policy intervention into capital markets by the U.S. Federal Reserve. Many look around and see a global economic backdrop that is shaky at best, corporate earnings that are in steady decline and valuations that remain rich by historical standards. But they also have been conditioned over the past several years to expect whenever the market enters into any sustained period of volatility that the Fed will come rushing back in with more stimulus. This leads to the following conflict for some investors, which is that they may be inclined to lighten up on their stock allocation but are reluctant to do so amid the worry that the Fed will begin talking up a new stimulus program that will propel stocks to new heights. Two key points may be helpful in working to overcome this dilemma.

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