S&P 500: Still Trading Below 2000 A Decade From Now?

The stock market continues to rise like an unstoppable rocket. On Thursday, stocks as measured by the S&P 500 Index marked yet another new all-time high at 1987. And it is only a matter of days before the major market index smashes through the 2000 barrier. But just as trees do not grow to the sky, neither do stocks. And given how far stocks have come from their distressing lows from several years ago, what can we reasonably expect over the next decade? Will the S&P 500 be poised to break out above 4000 ten years from now? Or is it possible that S&P 500 will still be trading below 2000 in the year 2024?

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A World Without Consequences

A contagion of global and potentially epic proportions is becoming more deeply embedded with each passing day. And the impact from this epidemic is both far and wide with a meaningful influence on global politics, acts of war and even financial markets. What is this global dilemma? It is the increasing realization that we are seemingly living in a world without consequences. Global actors with considerable weight, some of which have dubious objectives to say the least, are able to move freely without accountability. Moreover, these actors are likely feeling increasingly emboldened by the fact that each unthinkably controversial line crossed is apparently met with little to no response other than equivocation from those that are charged with the responsibility of maintaining order and formulating a response. While trying to ignore and delay dealing with the major geopolitical and financial problems besetting the world today may continue to provide the easy way out in the short-term, such disregard can ultimately lead to gravely disastrous costs at some inevitable point in the intermediate-term future.

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On The Fourth Of July: Bullish On America

It is a question that is often raised as we progress through the 21st century. Knowing that the 1800s is widely regarded as the British Imperial Century and the 1900s is generally seen as the American Century, what is the country that is best positioned to lead the global economy for the rest of the 21st century that lies ahead? This is a question that is not centered on anything that is happening right now or even what we can expect over the remainder of the decade. It is the ultimate long-term view question. And the possible answers are boundless. But when asked what country has the greatest potential to lead the global economy in the 21st century, my answer is simple: The United States of America.

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Market Lessons From Iraq, Bergdahl And Cantor

The news headlines over the last few weeks have been filled with several notable headlines. Leading among these is the outbreak of sectarian fighting in Iraq, the recent release of U.S. Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl and the stunning primary upset of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Underlying each of these newsworthy events are important central lessons that can be applied to investment markets today.

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Bear Repellent For Your Stock Portfolio

Suppose you are concerned about the sustainability of the stock market rally. You believe the fundamentals underlying the economy and the markets are built on sand, and you may have even felt this way for a long time. But you also see a stock market that seems to only rise day after day after day. This results in a dilemma. You do not want to buy into the market in which you are already deeply skeptical the moment it finally peaks and enters a new bear market. The mere thought of it may even be distasteful. Yet you also may not want to absorb the opportunity cost of standing aside if stocks are insistent on adding a few more months or even years to the current bull market. What is the conflicted stock investor to do? The answer? Apply bear repellent where possible to your stock portfolio.

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