6 Points To Consider In Today’s Market

With stocks trading at new all time highs, it’s easy to get excited about the performance of your investment portfolio. But rare is the story about the investor that achieved great fortunes and long-term success through emotional euphoria and swagger. The following are six points to consider in today’s market environment in working to keep a balanced perspective in interesting times.

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Why I Favor Bonds Over Stocks

It is a question that I have received frequently from commenters on Seeking Alpha in recent weeks. With yields already at record lows and interest rates almost certain to go nowhere but up in the future, why in the world would you want to own high quality bonds like U.S. Treasuries today? This is an outstanding question that is worth closer consideration.

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Where’s The Beef?

U.S. stocks continue to set new closing highs on a daily basis this summer. This is fantastic. But for these latest price gains to be sustainable, they have to actually be supported by the beef of rising corporate earnings. Otherwise, a valuation air pocket forms that eventually becomes unsustainable with stocks eventually falling back to reality no matter how low Treasury yields might be. The bulls frequently claim that stocks are rising today in anticipation of higher future earnings, and indeed analysts are forecasting a bang up 2017 in this regard. But where exactly is the beef behind these robust predictions of record corporate profits in the coming year?

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Roam If You Want To

U.S. stocks have performed tremendously well since the calming of the financial crisis several years ago. But the same cannot be said of their stock brethren across the rest of the world. Now some like myself may look amid a sluggish global growth environment at the relatively rich valuations and wide performance disparity of U.S. stocks versus those outside of the U.S. and take the bearish view that U.S. stocks are at risk of catching down to the rest of the world. But suppose you are of a more bullish persuasion. Suppose you believe that the U.S. stock market is actually the one that has it right while the rest of the world is wrong and that sustained economic growth as well as a strong corporate earnings resurgence is right around the corner. If this is the case, then you may be interested to roam around the world to capitalize on what may be relatively attractive valuations and upside returns opportunities. But don’t forget your tickets and your risk management tools before taking such a trip.

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Only Fools Rush In

The U.S. stock market is no stranger to rallying in the month of July. Going back over the past 25 years of market history, we have seen 13 instances, or more than half of the time, where the U.S. stock market as measured by the S&P 500 Index pushing higher in one way or another either through the months of June and July or starting sometime in the month of June into July.  But like so many summer loves, the euphoria of stock market gains have almost always been followed by the ache of stocks parting ways back to the downside.

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