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Is your investment portfolio ready for the coming volatility?

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Is Your Portfolio Ready For The Coming Volatility?

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Same As It Never Was

A notable divergence is taking place across worldwide equity markets. It was a narrative as old as the last time global central banks joined forces to save the economy from toppling into recession. And as we travelled through the supposedly glorious calendar year that was 2017, the notion of a globally synchronized economic acceleration was all the rage. But then the central bank liquidity stopped flowing. And the trade wars started. And here we find ourselves, back to where we started so many years ago. Same as it never was.

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Netflix And Freak Out

Netflix and miss. The online video provider announced its latest quarterly results that fell short of expectations. While the shares sold off in the wake of the news into Tuesday’s trading, the shareholder pain has been relatively minimal. This price action reinforces one shorter term outcome. The underlying fundamentals, however, suggest a much larger long-term challenge.

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Make Sure You Understand What You’re Investing In

It is an adage as old as the stock market itself. Yet, so many investors continue to ignore it even today. A key principle to help ensure your long-term prosperity and protect yourself against unpleasant outcomes with your investment portfolio is the following. Make absolutely sure you completely understand exactly what you are investing your hard-earned dollars into at any given point in time.

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Surviving The Bear Market

It has been six months since it “officially” began. In early January 2018, the bond king himself Bill Gross declared that the bear market in Treasury bonds was underway. Of course, Mr. Gross has not alone in his bearish view on bonds over the years, as a number of fairly notable investors have been bearish on the Treasury market going back over a decade or more. And many are still talking openly today about the bond bear market that is so obviously underway. So how have bond investors been faring the bond market maelstrom that began back at the start of 2018?

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