Beware The Next Correction

Beware the next correction in the U.S. stock market. Investors have been conditioned to a certain way of thinking during the post crisis period. Despite any perceived underlying causes, any measurable pullbacks in the stock market are fleeting and are quickly followed by swift and powerful rallies. Thus, these pullbacks are viewed as attractive short-term buying opportunities. All of this may continue to be true as we continue through 2017 and beyond. This includes, as some have recently been speculating in the days ahead, any potential “Trump dump” in the wake of the “Trump rally.” But before moving to repeat this “buy the dip” trade yet again in the future, it is important to consider whether the forces that have enabled these sharp reversals are still in place or whether new conditions may now be at work that may lead to potential frustration instead.

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DIY Investing Summit 2017 – Special Online Event

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For Those Feeling Left Behind

The second longest bull market in U.S. stock market history is quickly approaching its eighth anniversary. But for many investors, this seemingly relentless stock market run has been an exercise in extreme frustration. For in the process of not believing in the underlying fundamentals underlying the post crisis rally, they may have found themselves out of the stock market and feeling left behind at various points along the way. And it is very likely that a whole new group of investors may have joined this frustrated club in the two months since Election Day. The following is for those feeling left behind by today’s U.S. stock market.

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5 Global Hot Spots In 2017

While all eyes in the U.S. are on the new administration and the anticipated shifts over the coming year in fiscal policy, the real action for capital markets in the coming year may come from abroad. The world is not without its risks and instabilities as 2017 gets underway. Here are five global hot spots that will be worth watching for potential sources of volatility in the months ahead.

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The Impossible Dream In 2017

The U.S. Federal Reserve will be attempting to pull off the unprecedented in 2017. After years of zero interest rate policy (ZIRP), the Fed has managed to slowly grab two quarter point interest rate hikes since the end of 2014 to lift interest rates off of the zero bound. And expectations for the coming year have the Fed raising interest rates two to three more times. Expectations are one thing – remember the four rate hikes we were supposed to see in 2016? But whether the Fed will be able to meet these expectations is another, as such a feat is unprecedented. Given the important global market implications of Fed policy, it is also worthwhile to consider exactly when over the course of 2017 the Fed is anticipated to move and by how much.

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