The Streetbeater

The latest sign that capital market discipline may be slowly fraying made its way through the headlines on Tuesday. A new exchange traded fund will be coming to a U.S. stock exchange near you. And I’m certain it promises to be a street beater.

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Gone Too Far

If there was ever an indication that things have gone too far in global financial markets during the post crisis period, this is it. Last week, Argentina sold $2.75 billion in bonds that will mature in one hundred years from now with a coupon of 7.125%. For global central bankers that remain intent on flooding the financial system with liquidity, hopefully they are taking notice of this latest farce in global markets.

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Assuming This Time Is Not Different

I am going to begin by taking a safe leap and assume that this time is not different. We have many decades of market history that has established a strong precedent for the markets in which we are operating today. If we move forward with nothing more than some basic facts and the notion that we do not fall victim to the declaration that has left so many investors along the way in tears, it leads us to the following conclusion – we are operating today at historical extremes.

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Uncomfortably Numb

The U.S. stock market has gone completely numb in 2017. Gone is any reflex of stock movements to the downside. How unusual is what we are seeing in the current market environment? And is this complete lack of downside volatility a good thing or simply the markets deferring pain until some point in the future?

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