“In seeking wisdom, the first step is silence; the second, listening; the third, remembering; the fourth, practicing; the fifth, teaching others” – Ibn Gabirol

After publishing articles on a regular basis in a variety of print and online publications for nearly a decade, I placed the pen down for quite some time following the outbreak of the financial crisis in late 2008.  With the exception of an occasional article during this stretch, I felt I would be more enriched by listening more to what others had to say instead of speaking myself.  But following this time of silence, listening, remembering and practicing, I find myself ready to begin speaking again, hopefully with greater wisdom and a bit more humor this time around.

I will be regularly posting to this blog as I am compelled by global market and geopolitical events.

Thank you for reading.
Eric B. Parnell, CFA
Gerring Wealth Management

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