Two New Posts on Seeking Alpha

I have two new posts to Seeking Alpha that may be of interest.

The first is entitled Best Post-QE2 Opportunities Lie Beyond Stocks

The bottom line from this article: The best post QE2 opportunities lie beyond the stock market, as many asset classes performed well in the post QE1 market last summer. Positioning in these categories must be handled carefully, however, as the forces driving markets emerging from QE2 will be unique and different from the last time around. As a result, each category should be dissected for its merits and flaws in a post QE2 market.
The second extends the discussion from the first article, focusing on Silver.  It is entitled Navigating the Silver Mania: Exiting Long Positions May Be Prudent

The bottom line from this article:  The silver rally appears to be entering the late stages. Exiting current long positions and locking in gains may be prudent in the coming weeks leading up to the end of QE2 on June 30. Volatility is likely to continue for silver, particularly on the upside in the short-term, which may provide for early exit points ahead of mid June. Technical signals also merit close attention in the coming weeks to protect against any sustained breaks to the downside.

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