Strategies For When The Bull Market Finally Dies

It is a common refrain heard from stock investors today. Recognizing that the current bull market is nearly five years old and that the risk remains for a potentially major correction at some point in the future, many investors have found comfort in the following belief: “I’ll stay invested in stocks until the market tops out, and then I’ll sell and get out once the correction is underway”. While such a seemingly straightforward strategy would work great in an ideal world, unfortunately for most investors this is much easier said than done. For the stock market bear is a grizzly beast, and it has a long history of taking out the best of investors once it finally unleashes its wrath. And since the next time around has the potential to become particularly violent, now is the time to begin developing a defined strategy to identify when today’s bull market finally dies and a plan for how to escape largely unscathed.

Please click on the link to read more of my article on Seeking Alpha.

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