Key Lessons For The Coming Bear Market

The stock market continues to behave in an orderly way. Following the recent -6% peak to trough correction on the S&P 500 Index, it appears the worst of the pullback may be behind us for now following a sharp upside reversal late last week that has characterized so many bounces in the post crisis period. But just because the market looks like it is once again on the mend does not mean that all is well. Investors were notably rattled during what was otherwise a mild correction over the last few weeks for good reason, as significant structural imbalances continue to fester underneath the global economic surface. And the latest warning shot across the market bow has provided important lessons for what we should expect and how we might position if and when these mounting pressures finally boil over into crisis.

Please click on the link to read more of my article on Seeking Alpha.

Published by Eric Parnell

Registered Investment Advisor

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