The Great Bear Market Warrior

U.S. stocks are once again chasing fresh all-time highs. But despite this latest round of stock market cheer, some investors remain understandably cautious. Not only are stock valuations generally rich at a time when economic growth remains sluggish, but we are also now on the cusp of entering what has historically been a seasonally unfavorable time of year for stocks from May to November. Moreover, it has been well over two years since the stock market has experienced a sustained correction in excess of -10%, which is a long stretch by historical standards. Thus, those stock investors seeking to protect against potential downside risk in the months ahead may be interested in considering high quality stocks that have demonstrated the ability to perform well during periods of broader market weakness. And since the start of the new millennium, one name has performed particularly well in this regard including during the two major bear markets that have occurred along the way.

Please click on the link to read more of my article on Seeking Alpha.

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