Winning The Bear Market: ‘Teddy’ Versus ‘Grizzy’

I recently wrote an article on Seeking Alpha entitled The Next Bear Market Will Be Ruthless. The article sparked a lot of great discussion in the comment section that I enjoyed both responding to and reading a great deal. During these discussion, a topic often came up that was related to the title itself, as some questioned how a bear market might not be “ruthless.” Given that so much time in the mainstream media is focused on talking about bull markets, it is often overlooked or misinterpreted what is meant by a bear market. This is because unlike a bull market that is more clearly defined, a bear market can be defined different ways and mean different things to different people. But something as simple as understanding what a bear market represents can mean a big difference between whether you are able to tame the bear and capitalize on it or whether it mauls you into submission. For those at the ready for the next bear market, great opportunities await.

Please click on the link to read more of my article on Seeking Alpha.

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