Why The Veepstakes Matters So Much In 2016

The presumptive nominees for both major political parties have been decided. Hillary Clinton has secured enough delegates for the Democratic party nod when her party meets in Philadelphia on July 25-28. And Donald Trump will be carrying the GOP flag barring a mutiny at their upcoming convention on July 18-21. Now that the primary season is over, attention is now turning to whom these presumptive nominees will be selecting as their running mates for the general election in November. While these selections have always mattered in the past, they are of particularly meaningful importance in 2016. Thus from an investor and market perspective, those that are ultimately selected warrant a closer investigation than usual during this election cycle to understand exactly what their fiscal policies would likely be if they eventually found themselves inserted into the Oval Office.

Please click on the link to read more of my article on Seeking Alpha.

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