Nobody’s Fault But Mine

The response by some circles to the “Brexit” vote outcome has been both notable and irksome. The financial media was filled with articles over the weekend discussing the “uneducated” and “ill informed” average British voter that effectively ruined their country’s four-decade old place in the European Union with one simple vote. How could they not see how disastrous a decision this would be for their country? One commentator whom I typically respect went so far as to proclaim the decision a failure of democracy. Unfortunately for the policy making and media elite that remain blinded by the on-the-ground realities around them, the failure here is not democracy or the supposed ignorance of the average British voter. Instead, it has been the repeated failure of policy makers for some time now to deliver on the promise and improved standards of living that so many average people across the developed world had hoped for when they first got behind joining the common market so many years ago.

Please click on the link to read more of my article on Seeking Alpha.

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