The Myth Determining Today’s Stock Prices

Do your homework when it comes to investing your hard earned savings. And, when you think your homework is finished, double back and check it. Then, check it again for anything you might have missed. For if you are reliant on the financial media narrative as well as the dialog of the so-called experts that regularly opine across the global airwaves to tell you what you think you need to know, you will run the risk of knowing something is true when it is in fact patently false. Even the policymakers that so many perceive to be both divined and omniscient fall victim to getting the facts wrong. And, nowhere is this more true today than a flawed myth that was once based on an easy common narrative at the time that has since evolved into unquestioned fact. The problem with this particular “fact” is that it has since become a primary driver of policy decision making for the last several years now. And, in the end, a disproportionate focus on this fact that is actually myth runs the risk of further compounding a problem that has been spiraling out of control for several years now.

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