5 Bold Predictions For The Decade Ahead

An extraordinary decade for capital markets is drawing to a close. Over the course of the 2010s, the S&P 500 gained more than +250%, the long-term bond market increased in value by more than +100%, and even gold was higher in value by more than +30%. This was great news to the steadily shrinking percentageContinue reading “5 Bold Predictions For The Decade Ahead”

2020 Outlook: A Marshmallow World

It’s a marshmallow world for capital markets as we enter 2020. Name the asset class, and it had a stellar year in 2019. U.S. stocks? Up over +30%. Stocks across the rest of the world? Higher by more than +20%. Investment grade corporate bonds? Up nearly +20%. High yield bonds? +14%. Long-Term US Treasuries? +15%.Continue reading “2020 Outlook: A Marshmallow World”

3 Questions About Today’s Strong Economy

I’m hearing a lot about the strength of the U.S. economy lately. Just this afternoon, I heard one pundit on the radio describe the U.S. economy as “stellar.” Another said it’s “booming.” Knowing that the economy is an important determinant of market returns over time, it’s worthwhile to take a closer look. Is the U.S.Continue reading “3 Questions About Today’s Strong Economy”

Stocks Are Primed For A Correction

U.S. stocks have had a fantastic year in 2019. Overall, the benchmark S&P 500 Index is poised to finish the year up 30%-plus.  This great year must be considered in a broader context, however. It’s worth remembering that U.S. stocks bottomed on Christmas Eve exactly one year ago after having plunged more than -20% peakContinue reading “Stocks Are Primed For A Correction”

Next Up For The Bucking Bond Bull

From September 16, 2019 The bond bull market has sent investors on a wild ride as of late. After yields plunged sharply (and prices soared) through August, U.S. Treasury yields have sharply reversed higher (and prices have fallen) thus far in September. What should investors expect from this bucking bond bull going forward? Please clickContinue reading “Next Up For The Bucking Bond Bull”