Portfolio AnalysisMany investors today are interested in managing their own portfolios, but at times they find themselves in need of assistance. Gerring Capital Partners provides consulting services for those that are seeking independent and unbiased investment strategy support.

With investment consulting services from Gerring Capital Partners, you are behind the wheel in the driver’s seat managing your own account with your preferred brokerage firm. But instead of traveling alone, Eric Parnell is in the passenger seat with a roadmap to help direct and guide you along the way.

The consulting services that you receive will be custom designed to fit your specific circumstances and needs. This may include a program for those that are seeking an extended companion on their investment journey that is set up under an ongoing retainer basis. This may also include a specific project where you are looking for strategy and direction for a limited period of time. Or it may include timely support only as you need it on a per hour basis. Put simply, whatever your investment consulting needs may be, Gerring Capital Partners will have a program to fit your needs.

Consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Investment Education – Teaching you about the specific investment topics that you would like to learn more about and explore in working to achieve your investment goals
  • Independent Research – Proprietary analysis done specifically for your needs on securities, sectors or asset classes to help you in your investment decision making process
  • Risk Analysis – Helping you understand the risks that may exist behind the returns that you are trying to achieve
  • Brainstorming & Problem Solving – Sometimes you just need to talk things over and would like guidance before making an investment decision
  • Small Business Support – Maybe you run a small business and would like to get an unbiased third-party perspective on your current retirement plan or investment strategy.  Gerring Capital Partners can help.

Payments for consulting services may be made by check or by credit card through PayPal.