Gerring Universal

The Gerring Universal strategy is designed to draw upon the wide range of categories and sub-categories across the investment universe to build and manage a diversified asset allocation portfolio.  The objective of the strategy is to maximize returns within our risk controlled framework which includes an emphasis on managing against the risk of an absolute decline in portfolio value over time.

The various categories and sub-categories that are utilized by Gerring in building and managing investment portfolios are shown in the chart below.  This includes the Gerring Blue strategy, which is explained in more detail at the following link.


The Gerring Universal strategy is implemented for each client through their own distinctive separately managed accounts.  This is done with the recognition that each client has their own risk tolerances, return objectives, income needs and time horizons that require a portfolio to be managed to their uniquely specific circumstances.  As a result, the target allocations for each of the categories and sub-categories are subject to change depending not only on specific client objectives but also prevailing market conditions.