Institutional Consulting

meetingOur Institutional Consulting services are designed to provide corporations, small businesses, non-profits and institutions with an independent, third-party perspective in evaluating and managing their investment programs.  Our institutional services are also designed to help portfolio managers and financial advisors achieve success with the investment solutions they are delivering to their clients.

Institutional Consulting services from Gerring Capital Partners include:

  • Economic Forecasting – Projecting the outlook for the U.S. and global economy and its implications for capital markets
  • Macro Overlay Strategies – Solutions for how portfolios can be aligned to protect against macroeconomic risks and to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Asset Allocation Analysis – Evaluating the asset allocation to determine portfolio risk and return potential under various market scenarios and identifying potential asset class additions, deletions or rebalancing to enhance the overall strategy
  • Manager Selection – Proprietary manager search process that looks beyond performance to identify the best separate account managers and mutual funds in each asset class
  • Risk Management – Stress testing the loss potential associated of an investment program and providing recommendations to help protect against the risk of sustained capital loss over time
  • Performance Monitoring – Evaluating portfolio, asset class and manager performance across a variety of absolute return, relative return and peer group metrics over various time periods to ensure that the various components of the investment program are aligned to achieve plan objectives

We provide our services both on an individual project and ongoing consultative basis.  Our goal is to provide independent, objective and unbiased solutions to help institutions and investment managers succeed in serving their constituents in the best possible way.