No, This Fed Is A Hawk In Dove’s Clothing

The Fed is being misunderstood. Many investors continue to cling to the belief that the Fed still has their back. But that thinking is so 2016. The Fed is not a dove in hawk’s clothing as one author recently proclaimed. Instead, the Fed is a hawk in dove’s clothing. And this identity distinction has important implication for stock investor portfolios going forward.

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Mid-Year DIY Investor Summit – Special Online Event

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Did Amazon Just Jump The Shark?

Online retailer stunned the investment world on Friday with the announcement that it had entered into a merger agreement with bricks and mortar grocery store chain Whole Foods. The stock market swiftly by ruthlessly punishing the shares of the traditional grocery store chains. But while investors are busy celebrating how the world of grocery retailing as suddenly been transformed, it is reasonable to consider whether Amazon has simply jumped the proverbial shark with this acquisition.

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How To Protect Against A Rise In Volatility

It has become an issue that risk conscious investors must consider. An increasing number of investors are piling into the short volatility trade today. They are doing so the same way that people were flipping houses a decade ago and buying up tech stocks at the turn of the millennium with the perception that shorting volatility is a cannot miss money printing machine. And many are doing so with leverage. Unfortunately, those who are flooding into the short volatility party are doing so at a time when the CBOE Volatility Index, or the VIX, is already at historical lows. All of this raises an important question. What does the average investor need to do, if anything, to protect against the inevitable rise in volatility, and thus the unwinding of this short volatility trade, at some unknown point in the future?

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It’s NOT The Economy, Stupid

The U.S. Federal Reserve raised interest rates once again on Wednesday. The quarter point hike by the Federal Open Market Committee marked the third time since December that the Fed has increased the target rate. And they did so despite growing signs that the U.S. economy may not only be accelerating as much as anticipated coming into the year, but is increasingly slowing. This recent determination by the Fed has raised eyebrows among many investors that are unaccustomed to such persistent hawkishness from the Fed. Surely, they cannot continue on this tightening path if the economy continues to weaken in the months ahead, right? Not necessarily.

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