If I Had A Trillion Dollars

If I had a trillion dollars, I’d buy you Apple, a really, really big Apple. In the latest of silly headline grabbing stock market milestones, Apple became the first company in history to sport a market cap of over $1 trillion. In a word extraordinary. Of course, the more cynical investors among us seized the occasion to declare another potential bell being rung drawing us closer to a stock market peak. What are the implications, if any, for Apple and the broader market in general in achieving this notable distinction?

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God Only Knows Where We’d Be Without Apple

The U.S. stock market is holding its ground. But is it really? Upon closer inspection, we quickly see that today’s stock market is on shakier footing at current levels than the headline index price might suggest.

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Stock Rally: Winners, Losers And Opportunities

The stock market has started off the fourth quarter with a bang. The notion that we would see a measurable bounce in the final months of the year was certainly anticipated, but the fact that we have already seen such a strong move so quickly into the new quarter is certainly notable. Given the intensity of the recent advance, it is worthwhile to assess the winners and the losers thus far as well as evaluating the opportunities that remain.

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