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Is your investment portfolio ready for the coming volatility?

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Is Your Portfolio Ready For The Coming Volatility?

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Surviving The Bear Market

It has been six months since it “officially” began. In early January 2018, the bond king himself Bill Gross declared that the bear market in Treasury bonds was underway. Of course, Mr. Gross has not alone in his bearish view on bonds over the years, as a number of fairly notable investors have been bearish on the Treasury market going back over a decade or more. And many are still talking openly today about the bond bear market that is so obviously underway. So how have bond investors been faring the bond market maelstrom that began back at the start of 2018?

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Hanging Curve

It is a message we keep hearing about in the mainstream financial media today. Bonds yields are on the rise. The optimists attribute the increase to a budding phase of accelerating economic growth and the higher inflation that comes with it. The more skeptical among us believe that an inevitable outbreak of higher inflation will induce the Fed to tighten more quickly than currently expected. Despite their differing views, both leading narratives rely on the key underlying premise that inflation is going higher. But what about a third outcome? What if higher inflation never comes to pass? And what if this takes place at the same time that the economy sputters while the Fed is still raising rates? What then?

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The Dark Decade (Or The Investment Renaissance)

Stocks are expensive. Yes, we can debate at length about whether today’s premium valuations are justified or not. But they are still expensive today. And if history is any guide, this does not bode well for stock market returns in the decade ahead. But just because the stock market itself may not be setting up to do well over the next decade is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it may present an important time for rediscovery for what is starting to become a lost art in stock investing today.

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Crimson And Clover

So, many investors hardly know today’s stock market. They think they do, because it’s been so pretty, happy, and nice to its many suitors for so long since that brief interruption known as the financial crisis ended a few years back. And many investors do think that they could really love the stock market this time around, never mind the fact that it has twice burned its past devotees by more than half over the last two decades. But not today’s investors. The stock market really loves us back this time and will never let us down again. Right? For those that have fallen in love for so long now, get ready for the crimson and clover that lies ahead.

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