Stayin’ Alive

The U.S. stock bull market is still alive. But after more than eight years and with stocks trading at historically high premiums despite a persistently sluggish economy, many investors are left to wonder after trading days like Thursday how swiftly and badly the bull market will finally end as well as the ferocity of the subsequent bear market that follows. How will today’s stock investors know that the bull market is finally over? And once they know, will it be too late to do anything about it?

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An Investment Treasure

U.S. Treasuries remain one of my most favored investment opportunities in the current market environment. The following are the many reasons why.

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The Biggest Shock Risk Facing Markets Today

As the second quarter draws to a close, one major shock risk is increasingly looming for capital markets as the second half of the year gets underway.

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Setting The Record Straight: Stocks, Bonds And The Fed

A common narrative is regularly repeated when it comes to capital markets. The Fed is raising interest rates and tightening monetary policy, which is definitively bad for bonds but should be good for stocks. This may very well be the outcome as the Fed continues to accelerate its tightening cycle and other global central banks get on board. But history suggests that an entirely different outcome is more likely. In the end, how this all plays out over the next few years will depend on two key factors in the underlying economy.

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The Fork In The Road

Global capital markets have arrived at a fork in the road. Risk assets across many categories continue to trade at historical premiums. In the case of U.S. stocks, they continue to hover near all-time highs. Yet global central bankers appear to be increasingly coordinating their efforts to rein in liquidity and tighten monetary policy. This leaves investors with a choice as they prepare to move into the second half of 2017 and beyond. But instead of just two choices, a multitude of paths lie before us. On which road should investors travel to avoid regret?

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