Anti-Amazon: A Favorite Investment Theme For 2018

It’s that time of year again. Time for the analysts and pundits to start looking ahead and muse about their favorite investment themes for the coming year in 2018. Despite the fact that the turkey was just removed from the dining room table only a few days ago, there’s no better time than the present to get out front with a few outlook appetizers for the New Year investment buffet. So, what’s among my favorite investment themes for 2018? The “Anti-Amazon” trade.

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Such Great Heights

Everything seems perfectly aligned for global capital markets as we move toward the end of 2017. The economy is accelerating in what is being described as a coordinated global growth recovery, sustained inflationary pressures are supposedly on the rise, consumer confidence is soaring, corporate earnings are setting new highs, and risk asset prices are gaining across the board with historically low volatility. With everything so seemingly perfect, it’s difficult to understand both the supposedly urgent need for fiscal stimulus with sovereign debt levels already at historical extremes and why the global voting electorate remains seems deeply disgruntled in the ongoing search for outsider candidates promising to bring transformative change. Merely freckles across the worldwide backdrop that are all part of ongoing progress, I suppose. And with stocks leading the flight to such great heights, it is worthwhile to look closer into the earnings to explore the fundamental sources of its current rush of rocket fuel.

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Protect Your Portfolio With Title Insurance

I have often said that on Seeking Alpha the comment section in where the most insightful opinions and exchanges take place on any given article. I would contend that this is more so true today than ever given how impressively Seeking Alpha has grown its reading audience over the years. The opportunity to share thoughts and opinions with the intelligent readers and fellow contributors on Seeking Alpha is one of the primary reasons that I enjoy writing on the website so much. But it is also not uncommon for a few readers to give in to impulsivity and head straight to the comment section to express their opinion without actually reading the article first. In working to make the most of your investment reading and research experience, make sure to protect your portfolio with title insurance.

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This Market Will Never Crash

It is a topic that is as old as the post financial crisis period itself. When will the inevitable crash in today’s U.S. stock market finally arrive? The short answer? It’s not. In my view, today’s stock market is likely to never crash. The following are the reasons why.

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Has The Plunge Begun?

It was one of the key early warning events that took place ahead of previous major bull market peaks. And despite the continued resilience of stock prices and proclamations of new all-time highs on some of the benchmark indices as recently as Thursday, we have seen some notable splashes on this front in recent weeks. It is the flattening of the yield curve toward inversion. And it is worthwhile to consider the following: has the long-anticipated plunge in the yield curve finally begun?

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