Flying Below The Radar

Members of the U.S. Federal Reserve have gathered for their latest Federal Open Market Committee meeting this week. The fact that this meeting is not followed by a press conference makes it a sleeper, but it is still worth watching for the important signals that come out of this latest gathering of what are arguablyContinue reading “Flying Below The Radar”

Setting The Record Straight: Stocks, Bonds And The Fed

A common narrative is regularly repeated when it comes to capital markets. The Fed is raising interest rates and tightening monetary policy, which is definitively bad for bonds but should be good for stocks. This may very well be the outcome as the Fed continues to accelerate its tightening cycle and other global central banksContinue reading “Setting The Record Straight: Stocks, Bonds And The Fed”

No, This Fed Is A Hawk In Dove’s Clothing

The Fed is being misunderstood. Many investors continue to cling to the belief that the Fed still has their back. But that thinking is so 2016. The Fed is not a dove in hawk’s clothing as one author recently proclaimed. Instead, the Fed is a hawk in dove’s clothing. And this identity distinction has importantContinue reading “No, This Fed Is A Hawk In Dove’s Clothing”

Remember Them?

Investors must be exhausted by the daily theatrics on the fiscal policy side. For what was once a headline dominating event in the latest Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, this week has seemingly been relegated to being an afterthought. But the latest Fed gathering on June 13-14 that is immediately followed with a pressContinue reading “Remember Them?”

The Fed Weathervane

Another day, another parade of speakers from the U.S. Federal Reserve headed to the podium. While their commentary is increasingly falling on deaf ears for the market, thanks to their seemingly boundless propensity to over-hint and under-deliver during the post-crisis period, not to mention the news competing for the headlines out of Washington, it isContinue reading “The Fed Weathervane”