Eric Parnell Positions For 2018: Watch The Dollar

From Seeking Alpha:  Eric Parnell has written more than 1,000 Seeking Alpha articles, each providing readers with his thoughtful, yet direct, approach to market analysis. In this year’s interview with Executive Editor George Moriarty, the author of The Universal shares a bullish short- to medium-term outlook that delivers his usual circumspection, with some interesting surprises. Enjoy!

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Turns Out There Are Many Alternatives

Apparently there is an alternative. We hear so much about how one has to be allocated to stocks in the current market environment. But has this truly been the only answer? And is this dogged dedication to stocks likely to be the best path for investors going forward?

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Gold And Silver Arches

The precious metals market appears to be falling back to its old ways. After an impressive rally to start the New Year, both gold and silver have been trending lower over the past month. Is it time to abandon the precious metals trade once again, or is patience warranted at the present time?

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Gold: Tipping The Scales

It is worthwhile to begin by stating the following: I am meaningfully bullish on the long-term outlook for gold, and I have been for some time. Gold offers protection against price instability, whether it is inflation or deflation, and also provides a hard asset alternative global reserve currency versus the various paper fiat currencies that are backed by nothing more than the full faith and credit of their issuing governments and have been relentlessly distorted by unprecedentedly aggressive monetary policy by global central bankers during the post crisis period. In short, gold offers an ideal portfolio hedge and a lot of long-term appeal.

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Silver And Gold: Spinning Different Tales

Gold remains among the shiniest capital market performers in 2016. And given how poorly the gold price has performed in recent years despite the fact that we have persisted in an environment of sluggish global growth and extraordinarily aggressive monetary policy that has the potential to ultimately lead to profound pricing instability and geopolitical unrest, the potential long-term upside for the yellow metal is substantial.  But given that investors have been head faked so many times by upside moves in gold over the past four years, it is reasonable to question whether this latest advance is the start of something sustaining or if it will prove fleeting once again. One troubling sign in this regard is that silver is spinning a decidedly different tale than its yellow metal counterpart.

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