Mid-Year DIY Investor Summit – Special Online Event Starting Soon

The Mid-Year DIY Investor Summit is only a few days away!

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, June 27 and 28, nine top investors are coming together to share their best strategies and investments for finishing strong in 2017.

I am honored to be taking part in the latest DIY Investor Summit presented by Brian Bain from Investor In The Family in partnership with Seeking Alpha. The other contributors for the Mid-Year Summit include Brad Thomas, Bret Jensen, J Mintzmyer, William Koldus, Mark Hibben, Ian Bezek, Lawrence Fuller, and Double Dividend Stocks.

Free registration for this special online event is still open. Please click on the link below if you are interested in registering and learning more.

Learn More & Register For The Mid-Year DIY Investing Summit

Thanks and I look forward to meeting up at the Mid-Year DIY Investing Summit!

Dirty Thirty

A line has been crossed. For only the third time in U.S. stock market history, the CAPE for the S&P 500 Index has crossed above 30. Perhaps we are living in a new world today where valuations no longer matter. But I remain inclined to believe otherwise for a few important reasons.

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Time To Get Real

Corporate earnings have been a bright spot for the U.S. stock market over the past several months. And the first quarter of 2017 was one of the strongest quarters in this regard in recent memory. But this wondrous period is now all but over, and in a couple of weeks, we will enter the new earnings season for 2017 Q2. Profit forecasts have been holding steady as of late, but market fundamentals may be put to the test once the new earnings season gets underway.

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The Investments I’m Most Excited About

by Brian Bain from Investor In The Family

Eric Parnell is one of nine Seeking Alpha Contributors participating in the 2017 DIY Investing Summit. In the summit, one of the questions I asked Eric was how he is positioning his portfolio for the second half of 2017 and which investments he is most excited about.

Join Eric at the DIY Investor Summit (free for a limited time) where he shares detailed tips on his core investment strategies, top advice for DIY investors and specific ways he’s positioning for the second half of 2017.

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Where The Bears Are

The bulls are running wild on Wall Street. But with so many investors chasing so few names in the current market environment, it is reasonable to consider what opportunities may exist where the bears are.

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