Did Amazon Just Jump The Shark?

Online retailer Amazon.com stunned the investment world on Friday with the announcement that it had entered into a merger agreement with bricks and mortar grocery store chain Whole Foods. The stock market swiftly by ruthlessly punishing the shares of the traditional grocery store chains. But while investors are busy celebrating how the world of grocery retailing as suddenly been transformed, it is reasonable to consider whether Amazon has simply jumped the proverbial shark with this acquisition.

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Where The Bear Market Is Already Underway

The U.S. stock market remains incredibly resilient. The S&P 500 Index continues in a sustained uptrend despite an extended period of consolidation since the beginning of March and is currently just 1% below its all-time high. But despite this headline strength, all is not necessarily well with the stock market, as some disconcerting signs of weakness have emerged including notable declines in the Nasdaq, U.S. small caps and biotechs in recent months. Perhaps even more importantly, one market segment in particular that resides near the very heart of the U.S. stock market is dealing with a mauling bear market that has already been unleashed.

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