Retirement Sentinel

What is Retirement Sentinel?

Retirement Sentinel is a premium Marketplace subscription service on Seeking Alpha.

The Mission

The mission of Retirement Sentinel is to generate consistently portfolio returns over time while protecting against downside risk including the onset of a new bear market.  Retirement Sentinel is a solution for those investors that wish to receive professional level guidance and insights while maintaining control over their own portfolios.

Who is Retirement Sentinel designed for?

Retirement Sentinel is designed for both DIY and ETF investors.

The DIY Investor

Retirement Sentinel serves investors that wish to continue managing their portfolio on their own but are seeking a resource with a shared philosophy about investing and the markets to help guide them in the process.

This subscriber may seek to implement either The Sentinelor The Centurion portfolios in their entirety, or they may seek to pick and choose components from either strategy that they believe are most ideally suited for their own portfolio.

The DIY subscriber is also likely to find useful the Stock, Preferred Stock, and ETF Watchlists, all of which have been prescreened based on various quality characteristics, for their own market related research and idea generation.

This subscriber should also find the timely Updatesposted every Tuesday and Chartsposted every Thursday useful in working to navigate their portfolio strategy in today’s markets.

The online Chatsevery other Tuesday at Noon ET also provide the subscriber to connect directly with Eric Parnell, CFA to ask questions, exchange ideas and get his latest real-time thoughts on the markets.

The ETF Investor

Retirement Sentinel also serves those investors that are seeking a more established yet straightforward investment strategy that they can implement through ETFs and widely held mutual funds and hold in place over time with relatively fewer adjustments and less maintenance over time.

This subscriber may seek to implement The Centurionstrategy and maintain it at the guidance and direction of Retirement Sentinel over time.

Those ETF subscribers that may be seeking a greater degree of portfolio optimization without delving into individual stock positions may also seek to implement the ETF mapped equivalent of The Sentinel.

This subscriber should also find the timely Updatesposted every Tuesday, Charts posted every Thursday, and online Chatsevery other Tuesday at Noon ET useful in working to monitor their portfolio in light of the latest market events.

If you have any questions about how Retirement Sentinel can be best implemented for your specific circumstances, please send me a message to discuss this in more detail.

What is included?

The following is more detail on each of the features included in Retirement Sentinel:

  • The Centurion: A broad asset allocation strategy that has stood the test of time across bull and bear markets.
  • The Sentinel: This portfolio strategy uses The Centurion as a foundation, but is more dynamically managed to capitalize on current and future economic and market opportunities.
  • Updates (every Tuesday): Timely perspectives on the markets and the economy as they relate to the portfolio strategies.
  • Watchlists (updated every Tuesday): Stock, preferred stock, and ETF watchlists for the DIY investor based on proprietary criteria providing a broad arsenal of quality investment opportunities across the capital markets spectrum.
  • Charts (every Thursday): Coverage of specific economic and market themes as well as a technical analysis review of selected holdings in The Sentinel strategy.
  • Chat (every other Tuesday at Noon ET): Scheduled online discussions with Eric Parnell as well as other subscribers on timely market, portfolio and economic topics.
  • Research: Periodic and timely reports that go further in depth on a selected topic.

Questions about Retirement Sentinel? Please send me a message and I will follow up.